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Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

Be a wise investor. Before shelling out cash for real estate property, make sure the site is free from contaminants or hazardous materials. For professional environmental consulting, call CAS & Associates, LLC (CAS) in Boise, ID. We are a trusted name in Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).

Phase I ESA

Phase I ESAs may be requested by commercial real estate brokers, property developers, banks, and mortgage lenders before getting financially involved with the property. Owners should also consider having an ESA performed on their properties before selling them. By doing so, both the prospective owner and buyer can stop worrying about the threat of existing or future contamination in the said property.

Brief Description of a Phase I ESA

  • On- and Off-Site Reconnaissance Consisting of General Site Review
  • Property Review of Any Hazardous Materials, Storage Tanks, Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, and Others
  • On- and Off-Site Historical Research Using Aerial Photography, Sanborn Maps, and City Directory, among Others
  • Review of Existing Federal, State and City Records to Report any Potential Nearby Contamination
  • Preparation of Both Hard-Bound and Electrical Copies of the ESA

Phase II ESA

Phase II ESAs may be prepared when they are recommended in a Phase I ESA report. A Phase II ESA is conducted to establish the chemical makeup of the soil and groundwater to determine if there are significant amounts of contaminants that may require remediation, monitoring, or land use limitations.

Brief Description of a Phase II ESA

  • Soil Sampling and Site Characterization
  • Installation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Groundwater Remediation and Characterization
  • Sampling of Groundwater Wells as Required by Regulatory Agencies
  • Coordination With all the Regulatory Agencies to Obtain Accurate Groundwater Quality Data
  • Further Investigation and/or Sampling, Additional Research and Information Gathering

Prioritize Safety

It is hard to invest in a property or project(s) that stands on a contaminated site. Hazardous materials pose a serious threat to people, and can get you into trouble. Avoid problems in the future. Call (208) 761-3001 for a quote.

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Safety Above All

Hazardous materials sometimes seep through the most unlikely parts of the ground, contaminating the soil. As a result, even water quality is at stake. With all these, how can you be sure about the safety of your current site? End your assumptions and get clear answers with the help of our environmental consulting firm. We can also help you determine whether or not a site has been contaminated before. We can provide historical records and do research to back up our claims.

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